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General Assembly Encourages Global Compact Office to Continue to Promote Partnerships

On 15 December, 2005 the UN General Assembly unanimously adopted the Resolution “Towards Global Partnerships,” recognizing the importance of voluntary initiatives and partnerships, in particular those involving the private sector, toward the achievement of internationally agreed development goals including the Millennium Development Goals. “This Resolution, supported by all 191 member states, provides additional support and legitimacy to the Global Compact Office and its future work in the context of the UN system,” said Georg Kell, Executive Head of the Global Compact Office.

The Resolution “encourages responsible business practices, such as those promoted by the Global Compact.”  It also “encourages the Global Compact Office to promote the sharing of best practices and positive action through learning, dialogue and partnerships” and “to share relevant lessons learned and positive experiences from partnerships…as a contribution to the development of more effective United Nations partnerships.”

Please click here for the full text of the Resolution.