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New Guidance Document for Local Networks Released


New York, 6 December 2005 - The Global Compact Office has released a new guidance document for Local Networks. It has been prepared with input received from Local Networks and others involved with the Global Compact at the country level. The document is meant to serve as a guide for Local Networks and others in their efforts to advance the Global Compact and its principles at the local level.

This Guidance supplements, operationally, the document entitled What is a Local Network? It updates material that has been available on the Global Compact website for some time, and reflects best practices concerning the development of a Local Network, as well as a set of clear procedures to guide the relation between Local Networks and the Global Compact Office.

Much of the content of this Guidance is the result of debates at the Annual Local Network Conferences, particularly the Barcelona Forum of September 2005, and it also includes comments submitted to a first draft by Local Networks.

Please contact Mr. Manuel Escudero (escuderom@un.org) for more information.

Download the guidance document .