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GC Networks Discuss Governance, Share Practices


Moving to advance the Global Compact principles by leveraging the full potential of local networks and by strengthening network governance, the United Nations Global Compact and the Barcelona Center convened the III Annual Networks Forum on 21-23 September in Barcelona.
The Networks Forum brought together more than 120 participants from 44 countries, representing business, Global Compact networks, governments and the UN System. The Forum’s key objectives were to share knowledge, facilitate collaboration, present good practices and agree on common elements of future network governance.
“Robust local networks are critical for the Global Compact initiative to bring about large scale change across many countries, cultures and societies”, said Georg Kell, Executive Head of the Global Compact Office. 

For the first time, the meeting brought together company representatives and network focal points and facilitated a rich discussion and common language among networks. Participants showed strong commitment to the common task of promoting the Global Compact worldwide.
The outputs of the Forum as well as the conference report will be shared with participants in the next few days. They will also be made available on the Global Compact website.
The Forum's agenda included sessions on Network Governance, Communications on Progress and Resources/Incentives.

Download the list of participants .

Download Network Presentations:

Download the UNDP GC Networks Guide.
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