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New Booklet Provides Guidance to Danish Companies


Copenhagen, 26 July – Thanks to a new publication by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Nordic Office of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Danish companies can now obtain advice and guidance in how to incorporate social responsibility principles into their business operations in developing countries.
For many companies, it is difficult to translate the Global Compact’s underlying international conventions into effective action in their day-to-day operations. The booklet thus provides specific examples of ways in which Danish companies operationalize social responsibility in the field. As a practical tool it is also designed to make it easier to persuade more Danish companies to endorse the initiative. Companies can also obtain advisory services and financial support from Danida’s Public-Private Partnerships Programme.
The publication "Implementing the UN Global Compact. A Booklet for Inspiration", can be ordered or downloaded at www.danidapublikationer.dk.
Further information about Global Compact is available from Helle Johansen, tel. +45 33 92 02 48, at the Department of Business Cooperation and Technical Assistance, Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or from Søren Mandrup Petersen, tel. +45 35 46 70 83, at the UNDP/Nordic Office.