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Major Investment Firms Meet on "Who Cares Wins"


On 25 August the Global Compact Office -- in partnership with the Swiss Government and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) -- convened a meeting centered on the integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues in mainstream financial markets.  "Investing for Long-Term Value", which was held at the Swiss Stock Exchange in Zurich, brought together approximately 80 investment officers, analysts and senior-level financial experts to discuss the implementation of the Who Cares Wins recommendations; to take stock of the range of relevant global initiatives; and share emerging practices. 

At the meeting, the IFC released a draft document assessing the state of the market since the launch of the Global Compact's Who Cares Wins initiative in June 2004.  The assessment, which will be finalized in the coming weeks, notes that the past 12 months have witnessed the launch or acceleration of a series of complementary initiatives that advance ESG criteria in analysis, asset management and investment processes.  
A full report of the meeting will be published shortly, as will the IFC study. Please contact Mr. Gavin Power (powerg@un.org) for more information.

Download the meeting agenda.