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UNDP Initiative Matches Business Donors with Tsunami Recovery and Reconstruction


Businesses that want to contribute to the tsunami reconstruction effort can now target their assistance to where it is most needed through the Corporate Partnership in Emergencies (COPE), a new UNDP initiative.

Through its website (http://cope.undp.org/) COPE will make it easier for businesses to contribute to tsunami recovery and other emergency relief and reconstruction operations.  The initiative is part of UNDP’s continuing effort to forge new partnerships for development with the private sector.

The COPE site was set up by UNDP’s Tsunami Task Force, established to coordinate ground-level recovery and reconstruction efforts in the aftermath of the tsunami that hit the Indian Ocean basin on 26 December 2004. While many companies have already volunteered their products and services to tsunami recovery activities, the problem so far has been to match well-meaning contributions with the places and people where they are needed. COPE will make it easy for those who want to play a vital part in crisis and disaster recovery throughout the world by:

• Suggesting appropriate matches between the humanitarian and voluntary cooperation spirit at the corporate level – as well as their resources and corporate interests – with the actual needs on the ground.

• Spotlighting deserving projects that maximize the impact of the investment – water, housing, sanitation, health, employment creation and capacity-building for government, civil society, and institutions.

• Proposing projects that are relevant to the long-term needs of the affected populations

COPE will eventually expand to countries in other regions where natural disasters and man-made crises take a toll in human lives and economic devastation, and where the world's corporations can invest to put people on the road to recovery and development.
To learn more about the Corporate Partnership in Emergencies, visit http://cope.undp.org/.