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Global Compact Inter-Agency Team established


The Global Compact Office and the six participating UN agencies (Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, International Labour Organization, UN Environment Programme, UN Office on Drugs and Crime, UN Development Programme, UN Industrial Development Organization) have recently formed a Global Compact Inter-Agency Team. The purpose of the team is to:

• Assure a high degree of coherence of the activities of the Global Compact Office and the UN agencies;
• Ensure that actions and activities undertaken by any one of the Global Compact Office or the UN agencies are complementary and supportive of what the others are doing;
• Strike the right balance between the focus on the principles and activities flowing from them in line with the Secretary-General’s definition of responsible corporate citizenship;
• Explore opportunities to pool the expertise and resources of the Team’s members; 
• Continually review the respective roles and contributions that individual agencies can make to ensure the maximum effectiveness of the Global Compact as a network based initiative.

Inter-agency meetings have, over the last five years, become an important element in the evolution of the UN Global Compact. Until now, however, they did not have any official status or recognition, and participation has been on a voluntary basis. It is anticipated that the Inter-Agency Team will demonstrate more clearly how the Global Compact is embedded in the UN framework, leading to greater institutional support for the initiative. 

Please contact Ursula Wynhoven (wynhoven@un.org) for more information.
Interagency Team Terms of Reference.