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First Online Human Rights Tool Launched


The Danish Institute for Human Rights, a GLobal Compact partner organization, has announced the release of the HRCA Quick Check, the world’s first interactive online human rights tool for companies.

The HRCA is a diagnostic tool that companies can use to identify potential human rights problems raised by the effect of their operations on employees, local communities and other stakeholders. This comprehensive self-assessment tool builds on twenty human rights drawn from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and contains a checklist of 350 questions and 1,000 indicators.  As the tool is computer-based, companies can select the questions and indicators most relevant to their particular operations and run a Quick Check version of the tool. Companies may find the HRCA Quick Check useful in assessing their progress in implementing the Global Compact principles.

The Quick Check can be accessed free of charge by registered users on the Human Rights & Business Project website: www.humanrightsbusiness.org. (click on “LOGIN” on the homepage).

A full version of the HRCA tool will be launched in the spring of 2005.