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UN Family Rallies to Help Tsunami Victims


At a press conference on 30 December 2004, the Secretary-General described the tsunami disaster as “an unprecedented, global catastrophe” in need of “an unprecedented, global response.”  He also assured the people of the region that the entire United Nations family stands ready to assist, and that we will work with them in every way we can to rebuild their lives, livelihoods and communities devastated by this catastrophe. 
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In this context, the UN has mounted what might be the largest ever UN relief effort for a natural disaster.  The UN organizations involved, some of which are accepting donations from the public, include:

Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance –  ochaonline.un.org     
The World Food Programme - www.wfp.org
UN Children’s Fund - www.unicef.org/support/index.html
High Commissioner for Refugees - www.unhcr.ch/donate/redirect.html
UN Population Fund - www.unfpa.org/support/index.htm
World Health Organization – www.who.int
Food and Agriculture Organization - www.fao.org
UN Development Programme – www.undp.org
UNESCO - www.unesco.org
Global Compact partner organization International Business Leaders Forum has produced a management action brief on the subject of “What role for business leadership in the wake of Asia’s coastal disaster?” that companies might find helpful in considering their own response.
Click here to download the brief. http://www.edelman.com/IBLF/TsunamiIBLFbrief.pdf