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New Publication Explores Practical Meaning of Human Rights Principles


The Global Compact and  the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights have jointly developed a new publication exploring the application of the Global Compact’s human rights principles. 

“Embedding Human Rights in Business Practice” offers a thorough analysis of the human rights principles from the perspective of the UN, business, academia and civil society. However, the main focus of the publication is the practical meaning of the principles for companies, presenting four case studies and a policy report on business practice in different industries. The main conclusion drawn from these cases is that proactive efforts to address human rights concerns better equipped businesses to manage risks and helps secure and maintain their license to operate.
Key questions and issues explored:

  • What is the business case for adopting a proactive approach in dealing with human rights issues?
  • How can companies formulate comprehensive human rights policies, and what are the benefits of doing so?
  • What are the boundaries of a company’s sphere of influence?
  • What are the success factors for integration of human rights concerns into business practices?
  • Which methodologies are available to decide if and how to operate in a country with weak governance and serious human rights concerns.
  • What are the risks, challenges and opportunities in engaging in multi-stakeholder dialogue? 
  • How can engaging with stakeholders help minimize negative human rights consequences and enhance acceptance of company activities?
  • What are examples of strategies for more effectively tackling human rights issues in the supply chain?   

For more information contact Jeff Senne at (917) 367 2283 or senne@un.org

Please click here to download the publication. (It is also available in the "Recent Publications" section on our homepage.)