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More Chinese Companies Join Global Compact


More than 20 leading Chinese companies have recently become participants of the Global Compact -- bringing to more than 50 the number of Chinese companies now engaged in the initiative. Chinese business leaders responded positively to the Global Compact and its ten principles at a seminar on China and the Global Compact, hosted by Secretary-General Kofi Annan in Beijing during his official visit to China in October 2004.

Among the newly participating Chinese enterprises are large state-owned companies, including China Unicom and China Railway Engineering Corporation, as well as leading non-state-owned companies such as Huawei Technologies Group, New Hope Group and Chongqing Lifan Industry Group. A full list of the new participants will soon be available on the Global Compact website.

Companies that previously joined include China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation, Shanghai Baosteel Group Corporation, and Haier Group.
The Global Compact Office is planning to convene a major international conference in Shanghai in late 2005. Chinese business leaders such as Mr. Liu Yong Hao, Chairman of the New Hope Group, and Mr. Li Dong Sheng, Chairman & CEO of TCL Group, are playing leading roles in advancing the Global Compact in China.

Please contact Ms. Yeeli Zheng (zhengy@un.org) for more information.