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Wharton School Hosts First UN Global Compact Academic Conference


On 16/17 September, close to two hundred researchers and academics gathered at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia for the second installment of the First UN Global Compact Academic Conference - "Bridging the Gap: Sustainable Environment."

The main objective of this two-part conference - the first portion of the conference was held at Sabanci University in Istanbul/Turkey earlier this year - was to explore new ways of promoting sustainable production and consumption patterns to alleviate poverty and increase the quality of life for all people. Focusing on the environmental principles of the Global Compact, the conference showcased both theoretical and empirical research on Environmentally Sound Technologies (ESTs), conducted in academic research organizations and other relevant institutions at the global, regional, national and local levels.

While the Sabanci Conference had focused on ESTs and supporting systems, and provided an interdisciplinary perspective on current and emerging issues and challenges related to facilitating innovation and transfer of these technologies, the Wharton Conference centered on the business, financial, technological, legal and political issues that will be needed to ensure the sound implementation of ESTs and sustainable environmental strategies globally.

For more information, please contact Jerome Lavigne-Delville (lavigne-delville@un.org).

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