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Business Participants Pioneer Evidence-Based Approach to Human Rights


Five Global Compact participants (Novartis, Novo Nordisk, ABB, Hewlett Packard and Statoil) are among the eight companies participating in the Business Leaders Initiative for Human Rights. This three-year initiative, begun in May 2003 by former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Mary Robinson, is dedicated to finding practical ways of mainstreaming human rights within both the corporate social responsibility and corporate governance agendas. The Initiative is working across nine business sectors towards an evidence-based approach to defining the best application of human rights across the respective spheres of influence of international companies. Recognizing the obstacles that business face when trying to operationalize human rights within their own operations, the Initiative aims to help businesses overcome these obstacles through developing tools and showcasing the work of others. The initial outcomes of their efforts will be shared in the 2004 BLIHR report to be released at the 2004 Business and Human Rights Seminar in London on 9 December 2004.