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Global Compact Launches Integrity Measures


The Global Compact introduced today a set of measures intended to safeguard the initiative‚Äôs integrity. 

For the most part, these Integrity Measures codify the existing practice and procedures of the Global Compact Office. However, one new measure concerns implementation of the Global Compact policy on communicating progress. This policy is designed to encourage companies to communicate at least annually to their stakeholders and the public at large on progress made in internalizing the principles within their own operations and activities. Global Compact participants are also expected to submit a short description and a web link to these communications to the Global Compact and/or Global Compact local network website. (Please click here to access the detailed Guidelines on Communicating Progress.)

Participants that do not submit a brief description of their communication on progress within two years of signing on to the Global Compact, or by 30 June 2005 (whichever is the later), will be removed from the list of participants until a submission is made.

The same procedure will be applied to any participant that is two or more years overdue in communicating their progress.

Click here to access the Integrity Measures.