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Global Compact Cities Program Enters Pilot Phase


The Global Compact, in cooperation with the Committee for Melbourne, has recently launched the Global Compact Cities Program.  The program aims to engage business in concrete urban projects supporting the nine principles of the Global Compact. According to the Program Coordinator, David Teller, “this is where principles become outcomes, where business can contribute its ideas, experience, energy and resources to the development of new solutions to intractable urban problems”. The Cities Program is novel in its approach of encouraging cities (as opposed to companies) to engage the Global Compact. Any city that does so, is encouraged to work with a non-political organization in order to coordinate projects designed to develop solutions which will then be tested in local trials before being placed in the Global Compact Cities Learning Forum and made available to other cities around the world.

The effectiveness of the GC Cities Program in different socio-economic environments will be determined over the next two years through an international pilot program, which will include Melbourne (Australia), Porto Alegre (Brazil), Jamshedpur (India), Tianjin (PRC), Nairobi (Kenya) and Chicago (USA). Each of these cities will be asked to engage the Global Compact, identify a local "neutral" partner, and conduct a project of benefit to their city using the Melbourne Model project coordination and facilitation methodology. Each city will determine the nature and scope of its own project and will communicate its results to the Cities Program International Secretariat.

On completion of the Pilot Program in 2006, the Secretariat, in conjunction with the Global Compact Office, will determine the viability of the program as an effective and ongoing means to engage and promote the Global Compact in an urban setting.

For more information regarding the Pilot Program, contact David Teller, Program Coordinator (dteller@melbourne.org.au)