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Global Compact Launches High-Level Initiative on Financial Analysis


On 4 March the Global Compact Office convened a meeting in Zurich, Switzerland, with senior representatives and analysts of major investment companies to launch a high-level initiative focusing on the integration of social and environmental principles into financial analysis.
The meeting, hosted by the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, included more than 40 senior analysts and officials from global asset management, investment banking and brokerage houses.  Presentations and working groups focused on how the investment community can better factor social and environmental criteria into research from the standpoints of risk mitigation as well as the identification of market opportunities.

The meeting marked the launch of the Global Compact’s “High-Level Initiative on Best Practices in Financial Research” which will – building on the work of UNEP Finance Initiatives – produce a report containing guidelines and recommendations on how the financial community can better address these issues from the process-change (organizational/industry) and tactical (research) perspectives.
The report will be introduced at the Global Compact Leaders Summit on 24 June.

Please click here to access the agenda of the 4 March meeting
Please click here to access the project description