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Leading Japanese Companies Join


Following the launch of the Global Compact Network Japan in Tokyo on 21 December 2003, several leading Japanese companies, including Nissan, Toshiba and Asahi Shimbun, announced their commitment to the Global Compact and its principles.
The new participants bring the number of Japanese businesses in the Global Compact to 13. “This commitment to corporate social responsibility is rooted in the strong role that business has traditionally assumed in Japanese society,” said Georg Kell, Executive Head of the Global Compact. “I am confident this will be a positive signal for more Japanese companies to join.”
The Global Compact Japan Network, coordinated by the United Nations Information Centre in Tokyo, has been established to strengthen partnerships with business organizations and other CSR-related groups in Japan and around the world and provide companies an opportunity to share their experiences and practices through a range of activities including study and briefing sessions.
Please contact globalcompact@untokyo.jp for more information.