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General Assembly Supports Global Compact Activities


Following lengthy negotiations, the fifty-eight session of the United Nations General Assembly adopted on 19 December Resolution A/RES/58/129, “Towards Global Partnerships,” which outlines general principles and institutional lessons learned regarding partnerships and the role of the private sector in the work of the United Nations. The resolution takes note of the Global Compact and welcomes related activities.
The consensus resolution represents a key intergovernmental endorsement of partnerships in general and the Global Compact in particular. “In essence, the resolution constitutes a renewal of the initiative’s operating license,” said Georg Kell, Executive Head of the Global Compact Office. “It’s a strong sign of governmental appreciation and recognition for the work done by the UN Secretariat.” Governments will revisit the issue again in two years, at which time the Secretary-General will have to prepare a report on relevant developments.  
As requested in a previous General Assembly resolution, the debate was informed by a report prepared by the Global Compact Office (A/58/277).