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United Nations Organizations in Brazil Adopt Social Responsibility Standards in Procurement


The United Nations organizations operating in Brazil announced on 10 December that they will introduce social responsibility standards to the procurement process of services and products for their activities in the country. The announcement was made during the Third Annual International Global Compact Learning Forum, in Novo Lima/Brazil, which was attended by more than 250 representatives from business, civil society, labour, governments and the UN system.
Speaking on behalf of the entire United Nations system in Brazil, Armand F. Pereira, the representative of the International Labour Organization, said: “We see in this initiative as another opportunity to accomplish our role in the cooperation for development and to reinforce our mandates and our commitment to the Millennium Development Goals”.
By implementing social responsibility mechanisms in procurement, the United Nations organizations in Brazil hope to promote the development of products and services that minimize environmental impact, respect fundamental human rights and labour principles.