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Global Compact Holds First Workshop in Central Asia


On November 12-13, some 85 participants representing business, civil society, government and academia in the Central Asian region as well as several UN agencies gathered in Almaty, Kazakhstan, for a workshop titled "Promoting stability and growth in Central Asia through expanded business opportunities."
This multi-stakeholder dialogue, the first meeting of its kind in the region, was  organized by the UN Global Compact in collaboration with the UNDP and was a regional follow-up to Global Compact Policy Dialogue on “The Role of Private Sector in Zones of Conflict”, held in 2001. The five plenary sessions organized over a two-day period addressed a range of critical factors for the future development of the region. Among the issues explored were: transparency; conflict impact assessment and risk management; multi-stakeholder partnership initiatives; and revenue-sharing regimes. The goal was to translate previously developed general policies and guidelines into practical recommendations and concrete actions adapted to the development context of the Central Asian region.
 The candid conversations and discussions produced recommendations in three general areas of importance:
Under the leadership of the UNDP, participants will initiate and develop a best practices manual to outline the type of activities needed to best develop the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the region.
Further, participants agreed to promote transparency and anti-corruption activities, stressing the importance of the UN Convention against Corruption and the need for business to take a public stand against bribery and corruption. 
Finally, there was broad consensus to encourage further collaboration of all stakeholders toward greater stability and regional economic cooperation in Central Asia, expressing the desire for the creation of a more integrated market.
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