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Opening Nasdaq, Kell Stresses Importance of Shared Values


14 October - Georg Kell, Executive Head of the Global Compact, officially opened the NASDAQ stock market on Tuesday, as a guest of Bruce Aust, Executive Vice President of NASDAQ.
At the opening in New York City, Kell said: “The global economy must be built on shared values and trust if it is to function smoothly.” Observing that financial markets such as NASDAQ provide the essential “fuel” that keeps the global economy going, Kell stressed the importance of companies taking a proactive stance on social and environmental issues.
“Building shared values is an important component of good corporate governance”, Kell said, adding: “This is an exciting day for the United Nations. Today’s Market Open is symbolic of the UN’s desire to work more closely with the business community and financial markets”.
Bruce Aust, Executive Vice President of NASDAQ, said that working to improve corporate governance is a key priority of NASDAQ. Commenting of the Global Compact, he said: “The Global Compact at its core is about providing an ethical framework to help businesses operate in the global economy and expand market opportunities in a responsible way”.

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