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Report Released on Berne Workshop


An international workshop on "The UN Global Compact Networks and Outreach", hosted by the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was held in Berne, Switzerland on 26 and 27 June. The purpose of the workshop was to discuss and agree on the strategy, mechanisms, tools and activities to impart focus and coherence to what has become an evolving global network of local networks.

Workshop participants from more than 30 countries shared experience learnt so far within recently established regional and national networks, with the aim of obtaining better clarity on key factors of success, the diversity of approaches, and needs. They also discussed the respective roles and responsibilities of the Global Compact Office and the growing number of local networks, and shared their vision of the future evolution of the Global Compact over the next five years.

Among the key conclusions:

  • The Global Compact Office should provide the necessary guidance, information and tools to local networks on matters of common concern, while allowing and encouraging structure, governance, organisation and methods to emerge based on local specifics.
  • Particular focus will have to be placed on the human rights principles and how they apply to business.
  • Focus must be placed both on the quality of the network and its future growth. Local networks have an important role to play in ensuring the quality of their participants.

Please click here to access the full workshop report.
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