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International Study on NGOs Released


On 26 June, a global report on non-governmental organizations was released at an event at the International Finance Corporation (IFC) in Washington, D.C.

The report – titled “The 21st Century NGO: In the Market for Change – involved an international study of the NGO landscape, with over 200 NGOs and opinion formers contributing to the identification of the challenges these organizations face in the new millennium. The report was undertaken by SustainAbility Ltd., in partnership with the Global Compact and the United Nations Environment Programme.

One of the chief findings of the report is that increasing numbers of NGOs are making strategic decisions to engage with business in an effort to reform market systems. At the same time, these organizations are facing greater demands related to the transparency and accountability of their own operations.

Supporters of the report included Novo Nordisk, VanCity, DuPont, Holcim, the IFC, Accountability, Oxfam, Partners in Change, Transparency International and WWF.

Please click here to access the Executive Summary of the report.
Please click here to access the press release announcing the report.
The full report can be obtained at www.sustainability.com.