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Nine Chilean Companies Commit to Global Compact


On 9 April more than 400 representatives of companies, civil society and government participated in the Seminar on Corporate Social Responsibility in Chile, an event organized by PROhumana Foundation and UNDP.

Participating in the launch were Nicolás Eyzaguirre, Finance Minister; Juan Claro, President of the Corporation of Production and Commerce (CPC); Soledad Teixidó, Executive Director of PROhumana Foundation; and Thierry Lemaresquier, Resident Representative in Chile of UNDP.

Nine companies with headquarters in Chile signed on to the UN Global Compact in the presence of the Administrator of UNDP, Mark Malloch Brown, who was visiting the country.

The signing companies, through their main executives, agreed to adhere to the principles of the Global Compact regarding human rights, labour rights and the environment.

The companies signing on to the GC were the Sociedad de Fomento Fabril (SOFOFA), Asociación Chilena de Seguridad (ACHS), Minera Escondida, Banco Estado, Compañía Manufacturera de Papeles y Cartones (CMPC), CCU, and Forestal Terranova, while Shell Chile and Grupo Santander ratified their participation through their headquarters in the UK and Spain.