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Global Compact Office Clarifies Article in Ethical Performance Newsletter


The Global Compact Office wishes to clarify an article published in the April 2003 issue of Ethical Performance newsletter. The article states that the Global Compact has decided to “introduce a disciplinary procedure” to address situations in which participating companies are found to be engaged in actions that are inconsistent with their commitment to the Global Compact’s principles. This is a misrepresentation of a very important discussion that is currently under way among Global Compact stakeholders.

The Global Compact is designed to stimulate positive corporate behavior, principally through learning, dialogue and collaborative approaches to constructive problem-solving. As a voluntary initiative, the Global Compact has neither the mandate nor the resources to monitor company behavior. However, the integrity of the Global Compact initiative is critically important to its mission. Therefore, the Global Compact Office is continuing to build integrity measures. Already, clear rules concerning the use of the Global Compact logo have been established and efforts are under way to handle dilemma situations through dialogue.