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China Establishes Global Compact Learning Centre


The China Reform and Development Forum Committee, under the auspices of the Chinese Academy of Social Science (CASS), is establishing The Global Compact Learning Forum China Centre to help advance the principles of the Global Compact and the tenets of corporate citizenship in all sectors of the Chinese economy.

Acting as the learning hub for the Global Compact in China, the Centre will work in cooperation with a broad range of stakeholders including business, government, academia, labour and civil society. The Centre’s activities will include the following: providing a broadly accessible database on examples by companies on how they are implementing the nine principles; promoting pure and applied research on major themes related to corporate citizenship, including governance and stakeholder relationships; and organizing multi-stakeholder dialogues on pressing issues and dilemmas.

As part of this effort, a Global Compact China Website has been launched to facilitate communication, dialogue and learning. The website will largely be in Chinese, with sections translated into English over time.