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An Appeal to Action on HIV/AIDS


In the context of HIV/AIDS as a major threat to global development, the Deputy Secretary-General of the UN, the Head of UNAIDS, and the Director General of the ILO sent a joint letter to the CEOs of companies participating in the Global Compact stressing the importance of leadership and action in fighting the scourge of HIV/AIDS.

The Global Compact, the ILO and UNAIDS (Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS) will join forces in 2003 to mobilize businesses, encourage increased action to fight HIV/AIDS in the workplace, and combat stigmatisation of people in the workforce living with the disease. The appeal is supported by the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU) and the International Organisation of Employers (IOE).

The letter encourages businesses worldwide to adopt and fully implement the ILO Code of practice on HIV/AIDS and the world of work. The full text of the Code, in English, French and Spanish, can be found on the website of the ILO’s AIDS Programme at www.ilo.org/aids. An education and training manual is available to guide implementation of the Code.

The Global Compact strongly encourages companies to share their experiences in dealing with HIV/AIDS by entering relevant examples into our online learning database.

We also welcome the development and submission of relevant case studies that fill knowledge gaps and will serve as a basis for further in-depth discussion within both our corporate and academic network. Please contact Ellen Kallinowsky at kallinowsky@un.org for more information.

Please click here to access the letter