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Global Compact & SustainAbility Hold Workshop at World Social Forum


On 25 January, the Global Compact and SustainAbility convened a workshop at the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil, as part of a joint research project that is examining “The 21st Century NGO: Roles, Rules and Risks”.

The workshop was the first of several that will take place in coming months to address a wide range of questions about the future of NGOs that target the business community on sustainable development issues. A central objective of the project is to talk with leading activists, NGOs and foundations to understand how key parts of the not-for-profit worlds will evolve in the coming years. The report, which is also being undertaken in partnership with UNEP, will be published in June 2003.

The workshop in Porto Alegre attracted representatives from approximately 20 NGOs, including many South American organizations as well as several international NGOs. Among the questions discussed:

  • To what extent is the private sector viewed by the NGO community as an important point of leverage for achieving constructive environmental and social change today and tomorrow? 
  • Are partnership projects with the private sector the best way to achieve change in governance structures and markets? 
  • What metrics have been developed – and still need to be developed – to measure the effectiveness of these relationships?

One of the key outcomes of the workshop was the establishment of working links with NGOs who can help further the research in developing countries.

Please click here for a full list of workshop participants.