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Guidance Issued on Use of Global Compact Image


Georg Kell, Executive Head of the Global Compact, has issued the following letter offering guidance on the use of the Global Compact image.
19 March, 2002
Dear Global Compact Participant:

The following seeks to clarify questions concerning the use of the Global Compact image.

As you may know, that image appears on the Global Compact Website and is used frequently in official Compact documents and publications. It consists of a partially decomposed globe within which there is a picture of Secretary-General Kofi Anan and the logos for the Compact's UN core agencies: UNEP, ILO, OHCHR, and now UNDP as well. The use of the Global Compact image is strictly regulated, and the same restrictions apply to its use as the general United Nations logo. Those policies are described in detail at http://www.un.org/partners/business/guide.htm#use

While the Global Compact image is subject to copyright protections, there are no restrictions on the design motif of the decomposed globe alone—provided it appears without the Secretary-General's photograph and without the logos of UN member agencies. That design motif is part of the public domain and is unregulated.

I hope this clarification is helpful. For further inquiries please contact the Global Compact Office (unglobalcompact@un.org).

Best wishes,

Georg Kell
Executive Head, Global Compact