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Meeting in Poland Explores Business Ethics


Business leaders and government officials gathered in Poland recently to expand the national movement in support of the Global Compact and explore the theme of "Business Ethics in Action."

Speakers addressed a variety of issues relating to corporate citizenship and its role in eastern Europe's emerging economies. Marek Belka, the Deputy Prime Minister and Polish Finance Minister, stated his commitment "to build an ethical corporate infrastructure within the Polish Business Community." Andrzej Brzozowski, senior vice-president of the ABB Group in Poland, suggested that productivity could be increased by linking ethical codes of conduct with corporate management systems. Wojciech Tomczak of Unilever Polska spoke on behalf of the Global Compact Steering Committee and provided illustrative examples of how multinational companies are seeking to implement the Compact's core principles into business operations.

Another presentation by representatives of the Responsible Business Forum reviewed the European Commission's recent "Green Paper" on corporate social responsibility. Speakers speculated on how the report will influence the process of Polish integration with the European Union.

The 12 December event, co-sponsored by the Center for Business Ethics and the Office of the United Nations Resident Coordinator, was held at the Poland's LK School of Management and Entrepreneurship.