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Deutsche Bank CEO Receives Leadership Prize


Dr. Rolf E. Breuer, the CEO of Deutsche Bank, was honored at Johns Hopkins University on 23 October for his efforts to promote corporate citizenship in the international business community.

United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan praised Dr. Breuer for taking "courageous positions on global challenges such as human rights, the environment, and micro-credit for the poor. He was a founding member of my Global Compact," said Mr. Annan. "He is in many ways a model business leader." The prize, the Global Leadership Award, was presented by the American Institute for Contemporary German Studies.

In his remarks accepting the award, Dr. Breuer issued a forceful defense of the expanding levels of trade and interdependence that increasingly characterize the world economy. "Globabalization is now at a precarious stage," he said. "Our choice is crystal clear: retreat and give into isolationism and protectionism, cowering under continued threats—as they are sure to come in a steady stream from the enemies of globalization; or move forward with determination, and be as active and committed to making globalization a positive good as its adversaries are in their opposition."

Dr. Breuer invoked the vision of an inclusive globalization articulated by the United Nations Secretary-General. "Most importantly," Dr. Breuer said, "we must understand the fundamental truth in what Kofi Annan said in Davos last year, 'if we cannot make globalization work for all, in the end it will work for no one.'" To accomplish that goal, said Dr. Breuer, "will take a partnership of governments, NGOs and multinational corporations."

Making Globalization Work: Dialogue as a Keystone for Progress
Remarks by Dr. Rolf E. Breuer, CEO Deutsche Bank, speaking on October 23rd 2001 at the American Institute for Contemporary German Studies