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Quandt Foundation Convenes Environmental Conference


German and American government officials, scientific experts, and leading business executives met in San Francisco from 18-20 October to explore the role of the Global Compact in enhancing international environmental protections. The conference, which marked the third meeting of the US/German State Legislative Leaders Forum, was sponsored by the Herbert Quandt Foundation.

Among the seventy participants in the conference were senior members of the German Parliament and US Congress, in addition to high level officials from the environmental protection agencies of both countries. The purpose of the conference was to examine how states can support and deepen the commitments made by industry to the principles of the Global Compact calling for "a precautionary approach to environmental challenges."

The agenda included sessions on how industry, financial, and scientific communities can promote the development and diffusion of environmentally-friendly technologies, and strategies to stimulate greater cooperation on environmental issues among American and German state agencies and non-governmental organizations.