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Online COP Training

The Global Compact Office conducts regular webinars to introduce businesses to the initiative and on how to meet the reporting requirements laid out in the COP policy.

Specific webinar topics include:

Introduction to the Global Compact for Business Participants

This webinar provides an overview of the Global Compact in general. It discusses what participation in the initiative entails for businesses. Topics such as the participants dashboard, the Communication on Progress, and the Local Networks, among others are discussed.

 Click here to access webinar in Español.




Communication on Progress for Business Participants

Attendees will receive an introduction to the COP policy and the minimum COP requirements. Additionally the different levels of COP submission (GC Advanced, GC Active and GC Learner) will be discussed. The webinar will benefit Global Compact participants that have never submitted a COP, those who submitted a COP that was categorized as a Learner and those who strive to submit a GC Advanced COP.

Click here to access webinar in Français.



Communication on Engagement for Non-Business Participants

This webinar, targeted toward Global Compact non-business participants, provides an overview of the requirements set forth in the Communication on Engagement (COE) Policy, which went into effect on 31 October, 2013. Participants will become familiar with the COE’s reporting component which intends to increase transparency and disclosure practices among all Global Compact participants.



Future dates for these webinars will be posted shortly, please check back for updates.