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Global Compact Network Spain Releases Online Platform to Engage Participants, Facilitate Partnerships

(Madrid, 27 June 2013) – During Global Compact Network Spain’s 10th Annual General Assembly a new resource to facilitate engagement and partnership among participants was released. The resource, Compactlink, is an online platform created for network participants to increase their ability to interact among each other. The resource is also available to CSR experts, journalists and other stakeholders.

One of Compactlink’s main features is a tool that allows users to assess their organization’s CSR activities. Using this feature an organization can evaluate the extent to which the Global Compact ten principles are being implemented, by assessing the elements of their CSR strategy and relevant activities. Based on the assessment the user receives a customized proposal for how to enhance their organization’s activities.

Compactlink includes access to other features, including: online training courses, discussion groups addressing specific challenges, access to CSR resources and a directory of entities available for the user to interact with.

Additionally, during the event, local representatives from UNICEF, UNHCR, UNRWA, WFP, the OECD, and UNWTO presented available partnership opportunities for companies. The Local Network also introduced a summary in Spanish of UN-Business Partnerships: A Handbook, a publication recently released by the UN Global Compact.

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