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The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia


The GC in Macedonia was launched on Wednesday, 22nd December, 2004. The process was initiated in May 2004 leading to acceptance of Global Compact principles by 25 Macedonian companies at the end of 2004.

In May 2006, a meeting of the Macedonian GC Network was held in Skopje, where the governance structure was discussed, and the establishment of an Advisory Board and Secretariat was proposed. The governance structure was finalized, by constitution of the Advisory Board and approval of the Act of the network, as well as activity plan in October 2006, with the first meeting of the Board of the Macedonian Global Compact network.


The objectives and the activities of the network to promote the Global Compact principles and ensure that they become part of the business strategy, culture and day-to-day activities of the Macedonian business community.

Several activities were undertaken in 2006:

  • Proposed and agreed on the preferred governance structure
  • Set the rules/structures/tools of the GC Network
  • Reporting
  • Short and mid term actions, including: 2 workshops: one focused on implementation of GC principles, and the second was focused on environmental principles and the implementation of IPPC (Integrated Pollution Prevention Control) as a joint effort of GC, UNDP “Environment” program and the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning.
  • A partnership among UNDP and On.Net was initiated and established during 2006. The primary goal of this partnership was strengthening the enhancement of the economic environment on a local level, improvement of conditions for economic regeneration, environmental protection and promotion of public-private partnerships, resulting in sustainable job creation. A Global Compact member, On Net, and UNDP Macedonia agreed to establish close cooperation, through sharing and coordination of resources and expertise. The partnership project has been realized through implementation within UNDP Projects that aim to do so, called "Employment Mediation".

Having in mind that the obligation for the first reporting on GC activities – preparation of Communication on Progress is due for the companies that firstly joined the GC, assistance in this area was provided, as well as assistance in acceptance and implementation of the Code of Conduct.

Last year, a comprehensive study about CSR experiences and needs was undertaken.  The acquisition of data has been carried out by using three methodological procedures: A poll was conducted covering 100 companies, two focus groups consisting of representatives of the media and the NGO-s were interviewed and a poll conducted among representatives of economic chambers. The report contains analysis of the results obtained from the investigation regarding the extent of their dedication, knowledge and participation in CSR, activities that have so far been realized in this field, their further interests, including barriers and motivations that could stimulate or prevent them for further action in the sphere of CSR.

Additionally, in May and in November 2005, two forums on Corporate Social Responsibility were organized, as a joint effort of Macedonian Corporate Governance Council and Global Compact Network in Macedonia. The Conferences brought together high government officials, Trade Unions representatives, as well as representatives from business community in Macedonia, and civil society groups, business associations, NGOs, donor community, medias.

The Directory of the Macedonian Global Compact Network was prepared and presented during the Second Conference on CSR in 2005. The preparation of the Directory of the Macedonian Global Compact was a major step in activities the companies undertake towards generating knowledge and experience about reporting. It is the first time that corporate social responsibility activities are being presented and published in Macedonia.


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Network Representative
Mr. Goran Lazarevski

Network Contact Person
Ms. Nikica Kusinikova

Participant Information

Participation in the Global Compact does not necessarily reflect participation in the Global Compact Local Network.

Participants in Macedonia, The FYR: 20

Latest Participant:
Institute for Research in Environment, Civil Engineering and Energy
Accepted on 2 October, 2014