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The Japanese Global Compact Local Network (GC-JN) was officially launched on 21 December 2003, under the stewardship of the United Nations Information Center (UNIC) in Tokyo. In April 2008 GC-JN changed its organizational structure into an independent business-led network. A Local Network Board was established to provide strategic direction. With the continued support of UNIC, GC-JN functions as a dynamic learning platform in providing Japanese companies with the opportunity to share their corporate responsibility practices.

Companies and other stakeholders that are interested in participating in the network are asked to contact GC-JN directly.



Benefits of Participation

Contact Information

Network Contact Person
Ms. Akiko Ueno

Network Representative
Mr. Hideaki Yahiro

Participant Information

Participation in the Global Compact does not necessarily reflect participation in the Global Compact Local Network.

Participants in Japan: 225

Latest Participant:
Sophia University
Accepted on 20 May, 2015