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The Global Compact Network Hellas was launched in 2008. Its main objectives are to promote the Global Compact and its principles in Greece, to create opportunities for multi-stakeholder alliances and collective activities to support wider UN goals through activities and events related to all stakeholders. It does not have a formal structure and is hosted by the Hellenic Network for CSR, which has undertaken the coordination of its activities and secretarial support. The Network has a 5 member Secretariat, which consists of two members of the Board of the Hellenic Network for CSR. The Manager and two other members are elected every two years by Global Compact Network Hellas participants.
Objectives of the Network are the: 

Objectives of the Network:

  • promote the Global Compact and its principles in Greece
  • support businesses, academics and organizations that are committed to it and in relation with the continuous implementation of the ten principles
  • disseminate the ten principles to the business world
  • attract new members
  • create opportunities for multistakeholder alliances and collective activities
  • support broader UN goals through activities and events related to all stakeholders
  • train and support its members regarding the preparation and submission of their Communication on Progress
  • organize thematic workshops and conferences based on the ten principles
  • develop communication channels with other Global Compact Networks especially with those based in South-East Europe for the exchange of experiences, the localization of global challenges and to find common approaches for working with them



Benefits of Participation

Contact Information

Network Contact Person
Mr. Alexandros Kostopoulos

Network Representative
Mrs. Maria Alexiou

Participant Information

Participation in the Global Compact does not necessarily reflect participation in the Global Compact Local Network.

Participants in Greece: 75

Latest Participant:
KAFSIS Bio-Industries S.A.
Accepted on 4 May, 2015