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The German Global Compact Network (DGCN) was launched in 2002 by a nucleus of companies, the “German Friends of the Global Compact”. Since then, the DGCN has worked as a business-led multi-stakeholder learning and dialogue platform promoting the Ten Principles and spearheading the sustainability agenda in Germany:


Assist companies with the implementation and internalization of the ten principles; communicate best practices; strengthen exchange between academic research and practice; organize joint events

Policy Dialogues

Act as a focal point for government and civil society organizations; facilitate dialogue and exchange among all stakeholders such as seminars or roundtable discussions, disseminate information about CSR-trends and activities

Outreach / Networks

Motivate companies to become signatories of the Global Compact; liaise with other Global Compact networks worldwide and the Global Compact Office in New York; provide media contacts, communication and public relations


Develop partnership projects


The DGCN is an independent entity. Its governance structure comprises of (a) the assembly of participants who elect the members of (b) the steering committee. The members of the steering committee represent participating companies (4+2), NGOs (2) and ministries (2) as well as 3 other organizations with advisory functions. The steering committee decides on strategy, budget and the working program which is planned and delivered by (c) the office of the DGCN. The office and the working program are supported by the German government and by donations to the Foundation of the German Global Compact Network.

On behalf of the Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) the Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH coordinates the DGCN. GIZ hosts various Global Compact events in Germany including working conferences, trainings, panel discussions and online formats. These activities address current developments in the sustainability debate as well as focus topics that are chosen annually by the network.

The DGCN encourages all German companies with significant international exposure, be they big or small, to become part of the largest and most influential international initiative to promote sustainable and responsible business around the world. Active participants have the opportunity to:

  • engage in dialogue and peer-learning with colleagues from other companies and share their knowledge and experience
  • partake in various learning formats – workshops, trainings, webinars – that provide deep insights into often critical issues such as business and human rights, biodiversity, sustainable supply chain management and anti-corruption
  • discuss sensitive issues in a truly multi-stakeholder environment involving civil society organizations
  • receive updates on recent and important developments in the national and international sustainability debate
  • get support and advice on how to integrate the Ten Principles into their own business and how to report on progress.

DGCN participants strive to develop their business more sustainably and take responsibility for their impact on society – nationally and internationally. The DGCN provides them with a conductive and challenging learning and networking environment to achieve these goals.



Benefits of Participation

Contact Information

Network Representative
Mr. Juergen Janssen

Network Contact Person
Mr. Noor Naqschbandi

Participant Information

Participation in the Global Compact does not necessarily reflect participation in the Global Compact Local Network.

Participants in Germany: 370

Latest Participant:
Harburg-Freudenberger Maschinenbau GmbH
Accepted on 5 May, 2015