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XI Annual Local Networks Forum – Geneva

The 11th Annual Local Network Forum was convened in Geneva, Switzerland on 24-26 April 2013. Fifty-six Local Networks attended the forum. A number of important decisions were made during the ALNF including the creation of a Local Network Advisory Group, general measures were agreed to improve Local Network governance, integrity measures, brand management and an improved Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Global Compact Office and the Local Networks.

During the ALNF, elections were held for the newly established Local Network Advisory Group, a seven-member body, with one representative from each of the following regions: the Americas; Africa; Eastern Europe; Middle East and North Africa (MENA); South-Central Asia; South-East Asia and the Pacific; and Western Europe. The Advisory Group will select its own Chair who will also occupy the Ex Officio Local Network position on the Global Compact Board. The members of the first Local Networks Advisory Group follow:

  • Africa – Innocent Azih, Nigeria
  • Americas – Margarita Ducci, Chile
  • Eastern Europe – Yilmaz Arguden, Turkey
  • MENA – Habiba Al Marashi, Gulf States
  • South-Central Asia – Fasihul Siddiqi, Pakistan
  • South-East Asia and the Pacific – Matthew Tukaki, Australia (Chair of Advisory Group as elected through a nomination process)
  • Western Europe – Steve Kenzie, United Kingdom

During the forum, Local Networks participated in a joint day of programming with UN-System Private Sector Focal Points. Representatives of UN entities and Local Networks each shared an overview of their work and priorities as a gateway to explore opportunities for local engagement. Topics for the joint session included the Post-2015 Development Agenda; enhancing collaboration between the UN, Local Networks and the private sector; and partnerships at the national level.

Key Resource

United Nations Global Compact Local Network Report 2012

Highlights the growth and activities of 101 Global Compact Local Networks around the world in 2012. The report features statistics, activities and achievements of Local Networks in relation to Global Compact issue areas (human rights, labour, environment, anti-corruption) and in support of broader UN goals and issues.  

>> Local Network Report 2012 (pdf)