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X Annual Local Networks Forum - Rio de Janeiro

Within the context of the Rio+20 Corporate Sustainability Forum, the X Annual Local Network Forum (ALNF) brought together more than 100 representatives and contact persons from over 40 Local Networks to discuss the events of the past year, present the progress of working groups, share best practices with one another, and discuss key issues related to the governance of Local Networks as well as the entire initiative.

Key Resources

United Nations Global Compact Local Network Report 2011

Highlights the growth and activities of 100 Global Compact Local Networks around the world in 2011. The report features statistics, best practices and achievements demonstrating the networks’ efforts to facilitate national and international multi-stakeholder engagement. 

>> Local Network Report 2011 (pdf)


A Strategy for the Commons: Business-driven Networks for Collective Action and Policy Dialogue

Features the UN Global Compact as a platform for addressing global sustainability challenges, particularly through the collective action and policy dialogue activities of its Local Networks. Includes 36 case studies from Local Networks around the world. (Bertelsmann Stiftung/UNGC, 2012)

>> Please click here to download the publication.


Global Compact Local Networks: Value Proposition for Participants

Outlines the engagement opportunities of select Global Compact Local Networks and provides organizations with the information needed to get involved in their country. (UNGC, 2012)

>> Please click here to download the publication