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VIII Annual Local Networks Forum - New York

Over 120 participants representing 59 countries attended the VIII Annual Local Networks Forum which took place on 23 June in New York in conjunction with the UN Global Compact Leaders Summit 2010. The ALNF was convened by the UN Global Compact Office (GCO) and the Fundació Fòrum - Barcelona Center for the Support of the UN Global Compact. 

In addition to providing the opportunity to officially launch the Annual Local Network Report 2010, the Forum was successful in obtaining the endorsement of two important publications which had been circulated among GCLNs for their review and comments in advance of the ALNF. 

An Introduction to Linkages between UN Global Compact Principles and ISO 26000 Core Subjects is high-level overview of the key linkages between the UN Global Compact’s ten principles and the core subjects of social responsibility defined by ISO 26000. Presented at the ALNF Mr. Rob Steele, Secretary-General of ISO, he also provided a quick update on the status of the ISO 26000 process.  

Principles for Social Investment (PSI) a set of voluntary principles to guide the ongoing practice of social investment by Global Compact participants did initiate some discussion and comments among Forum participants. However, it was endorsed on the agreement that revision of the text would explicitly reference the fact that PSI concerns the voluntary second objective of the Global Compact and as such is beyond the commitment to the 10 principles, in addition to stronger wording with regard to sustainability.

Key Documents



Network Exchanges

Global Compact Issue Areas 

  • Turkey - Mr. Yilmaz Arguden - "An Innovative Sectoral Approach"
  • Serbia - Ms. Isidora Orlovic - "Banking Sector"
  • Australia - Ms. Rosemary Sainty - "Supply Chain Game"
  • UK - Mr. Andrew Cave - "The Impact of UK Companies on the MDGs"
  • Russia - Mr. Evgeny Levkin - "Business in International Development Assistance"
  • Vietnam - Mr. Vinh Nguyen Quang - "Anti Corruption Initiative"
  • Sudan - Ms. Lena Mahgoub - "Business & Peace"
  • Germany - Ms. Constanze Helmchen  - "Human Rights Company Coaching"
  • Netherlands - Mr. André van Heemstra - "Business and Human Rights Initiative"

Local Network Management

  • Italy - Ms. Alessia Sabbatino - "Themed Seminars"
  • Japan - Ms. Emi Sugawara - "Global Compact Poster Champaign"
  • Ukraine - Ms. Yuliya Shcherbinina - "Sustainability Guidance Note"
  • Pakistan - Mr. Fasihul Karim Siddiqi - "How To Boost The Network?"
  • Spain - Ms. Isabel Garro Hernandez - "Inter-network Collaboration"

Stakeholders and Tools

  • Colombia - Ms. Elizabeth Melo Acevedo - "Global CompactC Self-Assessment Tool"
  • China - Mr. Chen Ying - "Best Practice"
  • Egypt - Mr. Walid Nagi - "Round Table Discussions"
  • Chile - Ms. Margarita Ducci - "Budge Collaboration With Universities"
  • South Korea - Mr. Chulki Ju  - "China-Japan-Korea - Global Compact Joint Survey"


Soren Mandrup Petersen
Head of Networks

(Last Update 20 July 2010)