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V Annual Local Networks Forum - Monterrey


Over 100 participants representing 40 Global Compact Local Networks in Africa, Europe, Asia, the Arab region and the Americas attended this year's V Annual Local Network Forum, held in Monterrey, Mexico on 17-18 October 2007.  The agenda of this year's Forum was based on input gathered during the regional meetings held in the first half of 2007, in addition to bilateral contact between the Global Compact Office and Local Networks.

The Forum was organized to facilitate the exchange of good practices between Local Networks around the world. In addition, recently launched engagement platforms as well as implementation tools and resources were presented.  The interactive format enabled participants to engage in stimulating peer-to-peer discussions and exchange of experience on issues of particular relevance. Key themes this year were quality aspects of Local Networks structure (e.g. the multi-stakeholder nature) and the question of how to measure the impact of Local Networks.


Further, during plenary sessions participants discussed the alignment of the ISO 26000 guidance standard with the Global Compact principles, as well as the engagement of subsidiaries of multinational corporations at the network level.

Keynote speakers of the opening plenary included Mr. Guillermo Carrey, member of the Global Compact Board; Georg Kell, Executive Director of the Global Compact; Mireia Belil, General Director of the Fundació Fòrum - Barcelona Center for the Support of the Global Compact; and Soren Petersen, Head of Global Compact Networks and Partnerships.

The Forum also provided an opportunity to distribute to Network representatives the Local Network Report - Consultative Draft.  We look forward to receiving feedback on the report and suggestions for additional cases to be included in the final version which we intend to launch before the end of the year.

The Networks Forum was made possible by the kind support and organization of the Fundació Fòrum - Barcelona Center for the Support of the Global Compact.


Forum Documents

Programme        Participant List        Knowledge Fair

Plenary Sessions Day 1

Global Compact: Corporate Responsiblity in Today's World: Georg Kell 

Value Chain Session: Jorge Melo Vega       Value Chain Session: Afzaal Malik

Plenary Sessions Day 2

Presentation by Soren Petersen       Results of Online Network Survey by Angel Saz

Towards UNGC-ISO 26000 Alignment: Kernaghan Webb

Speech by Jim Baker, Co-ordinator, Council of Global Unions

Designing Better Futures Now: Jaime Alonso Gomez

Network Presentations

Africa       Asia       Europe       Eastern Europe       Latin America

Middle East and North Africa

Knowledge Fair

Building Partnerships with Academia: The Principles for Responsible Management Education 

Managing the Global Compact Brand: The New Global Compact Logo

SME Outreach

Partnerships for Development: The Partnership Assessment Tool

Local Network Promotion of the Communication on Progress (COP)


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