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I Annual Local Networks Forum - Berne

An international workshop on "The UN Global Compact Networks and Outreach", hosted by the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was held in Berne, Switzerland, on 26 and 27 June. Its purpose was to discuss and agree on the strategy, mechanisms, tools and activities to impart focus and coherence to what has become an evolving global network of local networks.

During the International Workshop, participants from more than 30 countries shared experience gained so far within recently established regional and national networks, with a view to obtain better clarity on the diversity of approaches, key success factors, and needs.  They also shared their vision of the evolution of the UNGC over the next five years, and discussed the respective roles and responsibilities of the central UNGC Office and the growing number of local networks. They reviewed how to shape the web of connections between the various nodes in the global network, how to translate the UNGC central engagement mechanisms of Dialogue, Learning, and Partnership Projects at the local level, how to sustain the motivation of network participants, and how to optimise communication in order to ensure coherence of purpose, spirit and philosophy in the global network. The perspectives of representatives of international organizations, employer organizations, trade unions, NGOs and governments informed the participants during the workshop.

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