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Business Practice

This section provides case stories and examples of participants and stakeholders implementing the 10th principle into their operations or supporting collective action against corruption. The case stories were either published in one of the publications of the Global Compact Office or provided by national networks.

Implementation of anti-corruption programmes

Translating global values into local practice (pdf)
Michael H. Pedersen, Novozymes

The corporate ethics framework - A road to fighting corruption (pdf)
Richard Lanaud, Total

Yemen - Promoting transparency and equal opportunity (pdf)
Andrea Bosnjak, Nexen

Control and compliance methods

Internal reporting and whistle-blowing (pdf)
José Tabuena and Chris Mondini, Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP

Integrity Due Diligence (pdf)
Michael Price, Statoil

Collective action

Integrity pacts (pdf)
Juanita Olaya, Transparency International

Convention on Business Integrity (pdf)
Soji Apampa, SAP Nigeria Ltd

FIDIC Business Integrity Management System (pdf)
Jorge Díaz Padilla, International Federation of Consulting Engineers

World Economic Forum Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (pdf)
Christoph Frei and Valerie Weinzierl, World Economic Forum

National and regional campaigns

Brasil: Promoting Integrity and the Fight Against Corruption (pdf)
Ricardo Young, Ethos Institute and Oded Grajew, Global Compact Committee, Brazil

Cities against corruption - Veracruz, Mexico (pdf)
Spanish (pdf) | Elisabeth Thaller and Marco Pardavel, Global Supplier Progress in collaboration with Julen Rementeria del Puerto, Mayor of Veracruz and Gabriela Reva, Treasurer of Veracruz.

Eastern Cape - Introduction of regional anti-corruption programmes (pdf)



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