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The Partnership Assessment Tool (PAT)

- Enhancing Partnership Value:
A Tool for Assessing Sustainability and Impact

In recent years, public-private partnerships for development have gained significant ground, and the vision of cross-sector collaboration with win-win potential for both business and society remains strong. But there is no guarantee that a partnership will be a success, and both the UN system and our business partners recognize the potential to improve the impact and consistency of partnerships.

As a result, four UN organizations - United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), United Nations Insitute for Training and Research (UNITAR), United Nations Office for Partnerships and the Global Compact Office - have joined forces to develop a simple tool to improve the impact and sustainability of UN-Business partnerships.

The result of this process is the Partnership Assessment Tool (PAT) - a simple interactive tool made available free-of-charge on a CD-ROM.

The tool has been developed through four phases:

1. Initial in-depth interview with ten UN agencies (at HQ and country level), as well as with eight companies with extensive partnering experience (AarhusKarlshamn, The Coca-Cola Company, Ericsson, IKEA, Nexen, Royal Dutch Shell plc, Unilever and Veolia Environnement).
2. Three regional multistakeholder workshops in Amsterdam, New York and Bankok.
3. A series of tests of the tool on actual partnership projects in Africa, Asia and Europe.
4. Revision and production of the final version of the tool.

Benefits of the Tool

The PAT is a way to foster consistently high-quality and effective partnerships between UN and companies, and has been designed to better identify and define in concrete ways the factors of partnership projects that affect the impact and sustainability of projects.

The tool leads the user through a simple step-by-step questionnaire assessing the expected value of a partnership and identifies ways to improve future partnership activities. It can be used to assess preparedness, to identify opportunities for early adjustment, and to position for successful project implementation.

The PAT contributes to:

  • Informed decision-making
  • Enabling partners to better capitalize on opportunities to add value to partnership projects
  • Increasing return-on-investment
  • Aligning and clarifying objectives and responsibilities
  • Systematically articulating and communicating the value of partnership projects
  • Focusing on the long-term economic, environmental and social impacts of the partnership
  • Developing and designing successful partnership projects with positive development effects

The tool can be used by project managers from both the UN system and private companies, and should be used after project planning is complete but before the project is launched. The tool can be used multiple times on the same project, for example, after improvements identified in an initial assessment have been implemented.

The assessment takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. After completion, the tool generates a scorecard presenting the results and highlighting areas for improvement.

For more information about the tool and the project, download the publication "Enhancing Partnership Value: The Partnership Assessment Tool".  

Click here for a powerpoint presentation of the project.

To order a copy of the tool, please contact globalcompact@un.org.

(Last Update 12 December 2007)