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Hinopak Partners with Local Organizations to Promote Sustainable Education in Pakistan  

Company: Hinopak Motors Limited
Sector: Automobiles & Parts
Headquarters: Pakistan
Partners: Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FPCCI), the City District Government Karachi (CDGK) and Committee for Monitoring and Improving CDGK Schools (CMIS)  
Partnership location: Pakistan


Pakistan has a very low literacy level at 49%, a result of low education budget allocation (2.4% of GDP, UNESCO 2008 report: as against recommended minimum norm of 4%.) This ratio translates to 48 million illiterates (2005 figures) expected to reach 52 million by 2015, making Pakistan lag behind the world and its South Asian counterparts. There is also a big gender disparity, at 63% literacy rate for males and 36% for females (2007 figures.) For Pakistan to progress economically, enhancement of these figures will play a crucial role. Aside from ensuring mandatory enrollment from the grassroots level, there is also a need to review the skills set of graduates eventually joining the labor sector, as well as improving curricula and teachers’ competencies that are vital in imparting knowledge to the future of the nation.


Hinopak as a responsible corporate citizen is actively engaged in seeking areas of contribution to socio-economic development. As a smart business operator and economic contributor, it recognizes the importance of human resource and community development, and was fortunate to find collaborators in the Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FPCCI), the City District Government Karachi (CDGK) and Committee for Monitoring and Improving CDGK Schools (CMIS).

The Hinopak-FPCCI-CDGK-CMIS team-up was established in April of 2008, with the intention of renovating a government school -- SITE Model School, (SMS) located near the company premises -- along with the construction of a community health centre.

The other parties also built a Teachers’ Education Development Centre (TEDC) within the school premises to provide regular training to teachers from the district.


The project was executed during summer break from May-July, ready by the time the students came back and new enrollees joined in August. The school is now home to 650+ students, populating all classrooms which used to be empty or half-occupied due to the school’s poor condition. The TEDC was formally inaugurated with the school and the health centre, and provides training for SMS teachers as well as other teachers from the vicinity. Other school features that were improved/provided: library, science laboratory, computer centre, etc. A technical training centre to be aligned with the skill requirements of the automotive sector is also part of the arrangement. Students’ engagement has also been initiated. For the first time, the school was involved in the observance of World Environment Day (that Hinopak has been annually observing) through poster exhibition at company premises and clean-up activities, raising the student’ awareness level and care for the environment.

The health centre (Hinopak Community Health Centre) has started providing primary health care to students and community dwellers through the doctor and dispenser provided by the other partner(s).

Hinopak is aware of the existing gaps in education and health; gaps that if eradicated or reduced, will have far-reaching and long-lasting impact to the country in general and the Karachi, Sindh population and even Hinopak in particular. Therefore, the company is continuously participating in the advancement of Millennium Development Goals wherever possible, within its sphere of influence.

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(Source: Hinopak)

(Last update 5 January 2009)