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Public Advocacy, Policy Dialogue and Institutional Frameworks

Individual companies or business associations engaging in advocacy, public policy dialogue, joint regulation, and efforts to build or strengthen public institutions and administrative capacity in order to bridge governance gaps, improve the enabling environment, and support more systemic change at either the local, national or global level.

Examples include:

  • Supporting local and national governments to protect human rights, eliminate bribery and corruption, improve the efficiency of public administration and service delivery, and the fairness and transparency of regulations.
  • Working with governments to improve social infrastructure by supporting healthcare and education reform and sound environmental policies.
  • Engaging in global dialogue on issues such as climate change, global health and migration.
  • Improving investment climates and access for developing country exports to world markets 
  • Advocating for increased quantity and quality of donor aid to developing countries.

(Source: The United Nations and the Private Sector: A Framework for Collaboration, UN Global Compact Office 2008)

(Last Update: 2 January 2008)