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Vote Human Rights 

Please note that voting has ended as of 23 December 2009. Thank you to all who participated.
A summary of the results of the Vote Human Rights initiative can be downloaded here.

Which human rights risks have you found to be the most challenging for business in your sector?

In celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and to advance our understanding of common human rights risks for business, the United Nations Global Compact and the Danish Institute for Human Rights (DIHR) have created Vote Human Rights, an interactive human rights exercise for companies.

Virtually all human rights can be impacted, positively or negatively, by business. Human Rights Translated explains the entire range of human rights contained in the two main international human rights instruments.

The aim of this exercise is to find out which human rights risks Global Compact participants identify as the most challenging within their own sector. It will also aid the Danish Institute and the UN Global Compact in conducting more effective outreach on business and human rights. At the conclusion of the exercise, the results will be compiled in a “Top 10” list for each sector with explanations of each issue’s relevance to human rights and business.

The exercise is easy to complete. First, select your sector from the pull-down menu of human rights topics. The topics represent human rights challenges for companies, and each is accompanied by a brief description which appears by clicking on it. The descriptions, as well as the topics, should not be regarded as exhaustive of the human rights risks companies face in their operations, but simply as a guide to some of the typical challenges. This means that each topic listed can involve various different human rights risks for companies.

The topics relate both to the direct operations of companies as well as to those of their business partners (e.g. suppliers, contractors, joint venture partners). After reading through the list, use the checkboxes to select what you consider to be the most challenging human rights risks for your sector. If there is another risk that is not listed you can add it in the “other” section. The process is anonymous and responses cannot be traced to individual companies.

For more information about the exercise, please contact Mike Baab or Ursula Wynhoven .

The list of topics is drawn from the Human Rights Compliance Assessment (HRCA) tool developed by the Human Rights and Business Project of the Danish Institute for Human Rights to help companies detect potential human rights violations in their operations impacting employees, local residents and all other stakeholders.

The above list reflects risks that staff of the Human Rights and Business Project have found, in their experience, to be among the most challenging for businesses. The HRCA draws upon a database containing approximately 350 questions and more than 1,000 human rights indicators, and was developed from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and more than 80 other human rights treaties and ILO conventions. In early 2009, the Human Rights and Business Project will launch a fully updated and redesigned version of the HRCA. For more information please refer to www.humanrightsbusiness.org