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“Human Rights and Business: Global Compact Local Networks Approaches and Cooperation” - Knowledge Exchange Session, Annual Local Networks Forum, (19 May 2011)

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Approaches of Global Compact Local Networks Regarding Business and Human Rights, January 24th. This webinar, organized by the German Local Network, included presentations from Local Networks Bangladesh, Colombia, Germany, Netherlands and Spain. 


Global Compact Network Germany Working Conferences 2011
In 2011, the German GC Network focused primarily on recent developments related to the mandate of the Special Representative to the Secretary-General on business and human rights (SRSG), as well as business and peace. A background paper offers insights into the debate around business and human rights, outlines recent developments, and lists relevant resources.

Three working conferences are planned throughout the year:

Global Compact Network Germany Business & Human Rights Coaching, 7/ 8. June 2011, Berlin
The Global Compact Network Germany offered business and human rights coaching to help companies answer questions like: What does the corporate responsibility for human rights mean in practice? How can it be operationalized? What is the business case for respecting human rights? Which useful tools and resources are available to companies? How should risks and impacts be measured and assessed?

Global Compact Network Germany coachings are open to all businesses. For information about this coaching or future coachings, please contact the Focal Point of the German Global Compact Network under globalcompact@giz.de

“Human Rights Due Diligence – An Organizational Capacity Assessment”
The Human Rights Peer Learning Group of the Global Compact Network Germany and TwentyFifty Ltd. have launched an instrument to help companies assess their capacity to implement the corporate responsibility to respect based on the Guiding Principles for Implementation of the UN “Protect, Respect and Remedy” Framework.

For more information on activities of the Local Network Germany, please contact Anne-Ulrike Henning (ann-ulrike.henning@giz.de)


Austria Business and Human Rights: Turning Principles into Practice - 17 June 2009 
A conversation with John Ruggie & Mary Robinson
Brazil Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Rights - President Meeting - 24 June 2008 
Bulgaria Global Compact Network Annual Meeting - 10 December 2008 
  • The network annual meeting was held on human rights day, which began with the UN Secretary-General's message on marking the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  For more information.
Canada Public announcement by 4 Calgary based Global Compact participants on their commitment to respect and promotion of human rights - 10 December 2008

Launch of "Enterprise and Human Rights" - 5 March 2008

Germany Lecture Series on Business and Human Rights
-  The relevance of human rights and the responsibility of different stakeholder groups - 22 September 2008
-  Regional challenges in Latin America, Asia and Africa - 16 October 2008 
-  Responsibilities and possibilities for companies regarding human rights - November 2008 
-  Quo Vadis business and human rights - future scenarios - December 2008 
  Business and Human Rights: an Introduction to Good Practice - 2-3 June 2009
Japan Symposium on Realization of Human Rights by Corporations - 10 December 2008  
South Africa   LLM (Human Rights and Democratisation in Africa) Partners' Conference - 8-9 December 2008  
Spain Communication with network participants - 25 November 2008  
  • The Global Compact Local Network in Spain encouraged its participants to cover Principles 1 and 2 in their Communication on Progress. They recommended that companies report on their future targets for addressing Human Rights and how they are expanding the scope of those targets. Participant companies were also encouraged to share specific actions taken that exceed the requirements of the Commitment form.
Ukraine Human Rights & Business Workshop - 24 April 2008
  Public announcement by more than 20 business Global Compact participants on their commitment to respect and promote human rights - 10 December 2008
USA US Network Meeting: Business and Human Rights - 28 April 2008 
Zambia Launch of "Embedding Human Rights at Places of Work" project - 2 February 2008


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