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Advancing Women in the Global Marketplace
A Partnership Between the UN Global Compact and UNIFEM


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The event brought together business, civil society, academia, labour, governments and the UN to identify what business can and is doing to advance women around the world and how these efforts relate to corporate citizenship. Ultimately, Advancing Women in the Global Marketplace aims to develop a more coherent and multi-faceted vision of the many ways in which business can help empower women around the world.

The event included a series of interactive sessions on creating the optimum workplace, women and entrepreneurship, public-private partnerships, and other initiatives.  As a central element of the day's agenda, participants discussed whether a set of Women's Principles, a new voluntary code of conduct for business designed to promote gender equality, might be useful to stimulate further progress.

To this end, an international process has been launched, focusing on ways to move the agenda forward by building on the full range of good business practices that already exist.  Most notably, this process explores opportunities and challenges for business in adopting a set of Women’s Principles, especially in the context of the current global economic crisis. This includes dialogue around the value and potential of such principles, how they might be operationalized, and what kind of assistance and guidance material business would need. The meeting further afforded opportunities to give input on the actual content the principles in order to ensure their global practical relevance for business and for women.

Advancing Women in the Global Marketplace is a collaboration between the UN Global Compact and UNIFEM. Good practices and resources highlighted during the meeting are documented on this website.

Ursula Wynhoven

(Last Updated: 3 June 2009)